Esbats are Ceremonies that are done during the full and new moon. they are generally more personal in nature than the Sabbats

Esbats are generally held on the Saturday or Saturday night nearest the Full and New Moon but we try to hold them at the correct time. Please refer to the notification email for the day and time of our online moon rituals.

he period from New to Full Moon is the Light half of the month, while the period from Full to New Moon is dark.  The Light half of the month is used to work for things one wishes to create or accomplish.  The Dark half is used to do releasing of things one wishes to let go of, and to do inner work which requires looking inside oneself.

A New Moon Esbat takes place at the very beginning of the Moon’s cycle, the start of the Light half of the Month.  At New Moon one works to manifest things which will grow along with the Moon as it waxes. 

The Full Moon Esbat takes place at the very end of the Light half of the Month, when the Moon is at the strongest point in its’ cycle and the energy of the monthly cycle is at its strongest.  We use that heightened energy of the Full Moon to give added strength to our working.  Esbats are not commonly held during the dark half of the month.

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