Moon Phases

New Moon
New Moon is the Maiden Aspect

The Moon is waxing and growing.
A time for planning anything new in your life. 
This is the phase to start spells , that can culminate
on the full moon, spells that are to do with growth.

Full Moon
The Moon in the Mother Aspect

The moon is at it's most powerful and magic most potent.
 A time for positive spells healing  and guidance.
This is when the moon is at her most powerful. cast spells that need power.

Waning Moon
The Moon in the Crone Aspect

A time for casting out the old removal of troubles and woes.
Cast removal of negativity spells at this phase, or wisdom spells.

Dark Moon

The moon's strength is diminished for positive working's.
it is more a time for introspection, acknowledge your own faults.

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