Moon and the Zodiac

Moon in Capricorn
When the moon is in Capricorn you will see the need for structure,  discipline, and all those other mundane  things which help our lives run more smoothly
Moon in Aquarius;
A time when unique and individual activities are favoured, but ones that favour all, rather than selfish, pursuits are best undertaken during this time.
Moon in Pisces;
Reorganise yourself, move within and start making  plans for the future.
Moon in Aries;
Start things during this period which need last a short period.  Anything undertaken while the moon is in Aries will be strong , but brief.
Moon in Taurus;
If you cast a spell while the moon is in Taurus it will outlast any other cast at any other time. So be cautious, once on this path things are very difficult to alter.
Moon in Gemini;
A very inconsistent period. Projects during this time are not stable, and can be too easily influenced by exterior forces.
Moon in Cancer;
This is very nurturing time where anything which concerns emotional ties between people is highly favoured.
Moon in Leo;
This is a period of drama and overt exhibitionism. While the moon is in Leo , recreation and drama are highly favoured.
Moon in Virgo;
Details are strengthened, so long as there is advice from superiors.  This is not a great time for independent thought.
Moon in Libra;
Self -awareness, self examination, and interaction with others are all favourable during this period, but this is not a good time for spontaneity,  so plan ahead.
Moon in Scorpio;
A time of great psychic power, or at least it makes you more aware of these attributes. A time to finalise any inauspicious connections.
Moon in Sagittarius;
A time when your imagination will soar, as will your creativity. A very positive time.

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